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In order to ensure the quality of our products, we strictly control every aspect of circulation. All suppliers of raw materials, electrical components and industrial automation are from well-known brands at home and abroad. Before entering the warehouse, they must be strictly inspected by quality inspectors before they can be used in the warehouse. The products are finished and the assembly workshop enters the commissioning workshop. Multiple rounds of speed and speed test, the factory can be allowed to pass after commissioning.

Quality Inspection Center



design team

Science and technology personnel account for more than 50% of the total number of employees, and have high research and new product development capabilities in the field of mechanical equipment design and electronic technology applications.

Production team

Every step of the production process is responsible for everyone, in addition to strong technical training, strengthen accountability to ensure just the right quality.Through advanced management mode and advanced production technology, the production platform has achieved specialization, scale and modernization, and has formed the system's production and processing capabilities.


High-quality after-sales

To the whole process of service as the fundamental Committed to building the machinery industry's most professional service institutions.

Provide installation and operation guidance for new customers all over the world, and carry out regular and irregular follow-up visits to customers, so as to solve their problems as soon as possible.