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  • Automatic Chilli Paste Filling Machine, Tomato Sauce Filling Machine

Automatic Chilli Paste Filling Machine, Tomato Sauce Filling Machine



Automatic Chilli Paste Filling Machine, Tomato Sauce Filling Machine

Tomato sauce filling machine--Product introduce

This series of filling machine adopts piston cylinder drive principle, suitable for dressing with particles and concentration in larger chili sauce, bean paste, sesame paste, jam, butter, peanut butter, caviar, red oil, hot pot hot pot bed charge base more sticky sauce class such as filling. Filling can turn cutting according to customers' special material increase, to adapt to the material filling requirements of different customers. Equipped with horizontal mixing hopper, maximum security in the process of filling material evenly, without oil sauce separation, ensure that every bottle filling accuracy. The equipment in the design greatly shortens the distance under the hopper to the end of the filling filling, overcome the oil content of the material (such as chili oil containing sesame seeds) in some bottle of oil in the filling process, some sauce filling many of the shortcomings of the great error in the bottle.

Sauce filling machine---Product details

A. PTFM filling machine is designed by our company in the reference overseas similar product, and adds some additional function, which makes the product more simple and convenience in operation, adjustment, cleaning and maintenance.
B. The machine is reasonable in design, simple and beautiful in appearance, and easy in filling volume adjustment.
C. This machine's eight filling heads are driven by servo motor, more accuracy and more stable than cylinder driven, easy to adjust.
D. Adopting German FESTO, Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components and Taiwan's electrical control parts, the performance is stable.
E. The parts contacted with material are made of 316L stainless steel.
F. No bottle no filling. Equipped with count function.
G. Adopting anti-drip and anti-drawing's filling head, lifting system to avoid foaming, bottle positioning system and liquid level control system.

Main Technical Parameters:


Chilli Paste Filling Machine---Product Paramater

Product NameAutomatic Chilli Paste Filling Machine,Tomato Sauce Filling Machine
Filling volume250ml,500ml,1000ml
Filling speed2000-30000b/h
Filling accuracyWithin 0.5%
Gas pressure 0.4 to 0.6 MPa
Size1300*1200*1770 (mm)

Automatic Chilli Paste Filling Machine, Tomato Sauce Filling Machine