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Shandong Dongtai Equipment Production Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. We have actually passed ISO9001: 2000 system qualification, and our Oil Filling Machine have actually passed EU CE qualification.

Gravity loading machines for fluid packaging services offer time-based volumetric filling up services. The high water container on the bottle loading machine can hold the item up until the container is seated under the filling up nozzle. The filling up tube or nozzle after that opens as well as releases the product for a pre-programmed time. Each loading head can be timed individually to make certain the exact volume filling of each container. Gravity filling makers for automatic as well as semi-automatic liquid loading equipments are best matched for free-flowing low-viscosity items such as water as well as ink. Special nozzles of gravity filling equipments can additionally be made use of to aid stop leaking and also control the foaming of particular products.

Dongtai provides loading makers, loading covering machines, and also packaging makers. Our Oil Filling Machines have top quality and affordable cost. Filling up machine is our core product, we can provide fluid filling up maker, which can be utilized for maker oil, soybean oil, olive oil, salad oil and so on.