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The quality of chili sauce is guaranteed, and the chili sauce filling equipment starts a new journey of sauce food

Apr. 17, 2021

In the modern economic market, science and technology have promoted the development of my country's filling machinery. In the modern era, consumers have higher and higher requirements for product quality. Only quality and exquisite packaging are the survival capital of an enterprise. . The emergence of Dongtai Machinery Chili Sauce Filling Machine meets the needs of diversified market enterprises with its efficient production efficiency and exquisite packaging quality. Started a new journey for sauces and foods.

The chili sauce filling machine adopts the piston filling principle, which is suitable for chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, shiitake sauce, jam, butter hot pot base, red oil hot pot base, and shrimp with particles in the condiment and high concentration. Filling of thicker sauces such as sauces.

The quality of chili sauce is guaranteed, and the chili sauce filling equipment starts a new journey of sauce food

1. The filling valve can be customized and enlarged according to customer materials to meet the filling needs of different customer materials.

2. Equipped with horizontal mixing hopper, double helix forward and reverse mixing, the mixing time can be set freely, the limit guarantees the uniformity of the material during the filling process and the separation of oil-free sauce, ensuring the filling accuracy of each bottle.

3. The design of this equipment greatly shortens the filling distance from the lower hopper to the filling head, and overcomes the high oil content of materials (such as chili oil containing sesame seeds) during the filling process. Some bottles have the disadvantage of large filling errors.

Chili sauce filling machine

1. This machine is a chili sauce filling machine, equipped with automatic mixing function, so that the material is mixed more evenly, and effectively solves the problem of large filling errors;

2. The auxiliary materials of this machine are adjustable, precise and convenient, and improve the degree of automation.

3. The pneumatic part of the sauce filling machine adopts well-known pneumatic components, with long life and stability.

4. The material contact part is made of SUS316L stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food and medicine safety and hygiene.

5. The filling valve is controlled by a pneumatic valve, and the filling accuracy is higher.

6. The filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.

7. The filling head is an innovative filling nozzle of our company, which can effectively solve the problems of wire drawing and dripping.

8. The sauce filling machine is easy to adjust the size of the bottle and is equipped with an automatic lifting device.

9. Designed with integrated concept, there are few wearing parts, which is convenient for enterprise maintenance.

10. The automatic sauce filling machine has the function of no bottle no filling, no need to replace parts, and bottles of various shapes and specifications can be quickly adjusted;

Dongtai Machinery’s chili sauce filling machine has a reasonable structure, high work efficiency, and high degree of automation. It realizes a machine with multiple functions. It can also realize production modernization, improve product quality, and continuously improve its own needs according to the different sauce needs of customers. Technology, this level of chili sauce filling machine can become the main equipment needed for the development of the commodity market. If you need it, you can contact us