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The Main Components of the Packaging Machine

Jun. 01, 2020

Packing Machine is composed of a drive system, transmission system, actuator, control system, etc., but in order to be able to easily grasp and study the technical principle of the packing machine, it is usually divided into eight major according to its working principle and performance characteristics component. Packing machine manufacturer introduces to you:

(1) Arrangement and delivery system of packaging materials

That is, the packaging materials (including flexible, semi-rigid, rigid packaging materials and packaging containers and auxiliary materials) will be cut or arranged in a fixed length, and will be delivered to the predetermined station one by one. For example, the feeding and cutting mechanism of wrapping paper in a candy wrapping machine. The supply system of some can sealing machines can also complete the orientation and supply of can lids.

(2) Measurement and delivery system of packaged items

It is a system that measures, sorts, arranges, and transports packaged items to a predetermined station. Some can also complete the shaping and segmentation of the packaged items. For example, the metering and liquid feed system of beverage filling machines.

Packing Machine

Packing Machine

(3) Main transmission system

That is, the packaging materials and packaging items are sequentially transferred from one packaging station to the next packaging station system. However, single station packaging machines do not have a transmission system. The entire packaging process is often scattered on the packaging machine into several stations to coordinate and complete, so a special agency must deliver the packaging materials and the packaged items until the product is output. The formation of the main conveying mechanism generally determines the form of the packaging machine and affects its appearance.

(4) Packaging executive agency

That is, the mechanism that directly completes the packaging operation, including the mechanism that completes the operations of wrapping, filling, sealing, labeling, and strapping.

(5) The finished product output mechanism

It is a mechanism that unloads the packaged products from the packaging machine, arranges them in orientation, and outputs them. The output of finished products of some packaging machines is completed by the main conveyor mechanism or unloaded by the weight of the packaged products.

(6) Power machine and transmission system

That is, the motive power of mechanical work is usually an electric motor in modern packaging machine equipment, and there are also combustion engines or other power machines.

(7) Control system

It is composed of various manual devices and automatic devices. In the packaging machine, the output of power, the operation of the transmission mechanism, the operation and cooperation of the packaging execution mechanism, and the output of the packaging product are all controlled by the control system. It mainly includes packaging process control, packaging quality control, fault control, and safety control.

In addition to the mechanical form, the control methods of modern packaging machine equipment include electric control, pneumatic control, photoelectric control, electronic control, and jet control, which can be selected according to the automation level of packaging machine equipment and the requirements of packaging operations.

(8) Body

That is used to install, fix, and support all the components of the packaging machine, and can meet the requirements of their mutual movement and mutual position. The fuselage must have sufficient strength, rigidity and stability.

Although there are many types of packaging machines and there are great differences in performance, the main components are still based on these parts. After all, they are the core components.