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The company organizes Alibaba Learning Dream Seeking Activity in Hangzhou. Thank you for traveling with you all the way!

Jul. 26, 2019

Alibaba's dream-seeking activities in 2019 have been successfully completed in Hangzhou! This time, our company joined hands with gold companies from all walks of life and jointly participated in the event. Through learning and communication, we have gained more awareness of global economic integration.

Global economic integration refers to the participation of all countries in comprehensive economic cooperation. It refers to the free flow of factors of production on the basis of Customs Union and the formation of a common market. Nowadays, with the development of economy, the integration of global economy is more important, so is the machinery industry. Now, our company is not only doing a hot job in foreign trade, but also participating in the annual New Trade Festival under the organization of Alibaba.

"March New Trade Festival" is also called "100 Regiments War", which belongs to the carnival of global cross-border trade practitioners. The Corps established by the core customers of Jinan Alibaba Business Circle, through the form of pk, create the atmosphere of war! In this 100 regiments battle, our company faced the strong foreign trade team of Shendong (a company that makes beer fermentation equipment), faced the difficulties, with one to ten, with the spirit of refusing to lose, refusing to lose, completed the proud performance of the inquiry completion rate of 300%, inquiry growth rate of 220%, directly crushing each other!

The company organizes Alibaba Learning Dream Seeking Activity in Hangzhou. Thank you for traveling with you all the way!

At the same time, we also participated in Jinan Business Club organized by Jinan Alibaba, and exchanged experience with honest enterprises to discuss how to make the company's machines better, so that customers can gain higher trust in our machines and better consumption experience.

In this learning and dream-seeking activity of Alibaba in Hangzhou, we not only have a new understanding of global economic integration, but also have taken action for it. The achievements of New Trade Festival and Jinan Business Club are not only part of the efforts, but also our company's rigorous R&D and production personnel, excellence salesmen, and so on. The packing machine and filling machine we produce are all necessary conditions for our success. Thank Ali for organizing such activities and the trust of our customers. We believe that with the joint efforts of all of you, we will do better!