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Summary of Common Faults of Shrink Packaging Machine

Aug. 03, 2020

Compared with other packaging equipment, the structure and performance of the shrink packaging machine are more complicated. Many customers have reported that when the shrink packaging machine fails, they don't know where it appears, and they don't know how to solve it. In fact, the heat shrinking machine is the same as other packaging equipment. It has been used for a long time, and minor problems are very common. The main reason is that the operator has a general understanding of the equipment and has a general understanding of the common failures, and its solutions Have a general understanding. Shrink Packaging Machine manufacturer shares common faults of shrink packaging machines for you.

Common problem 1: One side of the shrink machine can be heated, but the other side is not. The heat-shrinkable film packaging machine, in this case, heating while heating is mainly caused by a short circuit between the packaging bag strip and the heating device. This is that the operator only needs to adjust the position of the brazing sheet or modify the bag pressure strip to solve it perfectly.

Common problem 2: The closing of the heat shrink machine does not work. At this time, you need to check whether the power is turned on and whether the stroke is not turned on. On-site personnel only need to adjust the stroke switch paddle to basically solve the problem.

Shrink Packaging Machine

Shrink Packaging Machine

Common problem 3: The heat shrinkable film packaging machine frequently occurs in insurance burnout. The cause of this situation is generally caused by a short circuit. The personnel should carefully check each connection point and the possible cause of the short circuit, find out and remove it; it may also be caused by the motor reversing too long, and the two phases need to be connected. The power cord can be installed by changing the position; it may also be caused by the relatively high oil viscosity, and the user needs to clean the pump and replace the oil on time.

Common problem 4: The sealing of the packaging packaged by the shrink film machine is not flat, or the sealing of the packaging is not tight or the sealing action is not performed at all. There are many reasons for the above situation, the main ones are: the steel box is deformed, and the personnel only need to adjust the steel box; the heating time or the heating temperature is not adjusted at the beginning, the above phenomenon will also occur, the on-site personnel only need to try Just adjust to the appropriate heating time and heating temperature; in addition, if there is an attachment on the heating cloth, we can use a nail or similar to scrape it off; and that is, if the refueling solenoid valve of the heat shrink machine Failure to operate, the airbag is destroyed, and the pressurized air pipe is damaged, which will also cause the seal to be uneven and not tight. The operator only needs to clean or replace the broken parts.