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How to maintain your packing machine regularly?

Sep. 10, 2019

How to maintain your packing machine regularly?

Packaging machine equipment is divided into different types according to the purpose, many manufacturers users in the purchase of packaging machine equipment, always do not pay attention to the maintenance, causing equipment damage manufacturers everywhere. How to maintain the packing equipment from daily. Filling Machine manufacturer China to share with you a few tips;

Regular maintenance and repair for the packing machine like Liquid Filling Machine China is the manufacturer of a must do, because of a long time of work, the wear of parts has reached a peak, need to stop the operation to check the replacement of parts, can carry out packaging operations again, to get twice the result with half the effort.

Manufacturers do not carry out regular maintenance, will greatly affect the packaging process, resulting in many defective food packaging, at the same time excessive parts wear will cause a series of equipment chain failure. Maintenance to do the following;

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1. Regular maintenance shall not be cancelled due to the quantity of production line orders;

Vacuum filling machine supplier China can make a good maintenance cycle according to the number of packaging production line orders, in which only regular testing and replacement of worn parts can be.

2. Maintain packaging machines and equipment from key positions;

1). Check whether all parameters are normal from the operation table of touch display screen;

2). Check the running position of the sealing, cutting and packaging to see whether the cutting tool is worn out, which can be seen by comparing the quality of the packaging products before and after.

3). Dust the surface and work table in time to prevent electrostatic short-circuit of the equipment or hinder the operation of the process.

Because the packaging equipment belongs to high-power machines, the environment of the production workshop must be kept dry to avoid potential electric shock. Although the packaging machine must be maintained regularly, it is necessary to pay close attention to the operation of the process in the packaging.