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Five Things about Liquid Filling Equipment

Jul. 11, 2020

If you are in the liquid filling machine market, there are many aspects to consider before you find the machine that best suits your liquid filling needs. However, there are five key things to understand early in the process: the viscosity of the liquid product, the type of container, the required filling rate, the specific filling volume, and which type of metering and filling system really meets your needs. The following blog will briefly explain why these 5 key elements are so important when choosing a liquid filling solution. For more information about liquid filling, capping and labeling equipment, please send an email to sales@Ltete.com Or call +86 18660164063.

Product viscosity

The first step in determining a liquid filling solution that meets your needs is to understand the basic principles of the product. Identify whether your product is watery, semi-tacky or very thick, heavy-tacky. This will help you identify possible equipment solutions or options that are now outside the range of usability due to product viscosity. Product viscosity affects multiple areas. Your metering system type, fill rate, and other important variables in the production equation. Accurately identifying product viscosity is a big step in the right direction.

Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid Filling Machine

Container type

When looking for the best Liquid Filling Machine, the type of container to be filled is also very important. In short, whether you want to fill glass or plastic, round or square, tall or short, small or large openings, stable or unstable bottles, these are just a few issues related to the type of container that will affect liquid development and design Filling system.

Automated system

There is no doubt that from a production perspective, one of the bigger problems is "How many containers can I load per minute/hour/shift per production shift?" Therefore, whether it is a single semi-automatic machine, the entire line in the middle is automatically resolved The solution, or a fully automated integrated system, can best help you achieve the desired product, and other variables need to be considered when discussing fill rate. The viscosity of the liquid, the type of container, the amount of filling, and the type of metering system used all play a role when discussing the overall filling rate.

Fill amount

Knowing your specific fill volume sounds easy, right? However, this is crucial when determining other relevant factors (such as fill rate, product viscosity, and metering system). Therefore, depending on your industry, you may need to meet strict specific filling accuracy requirements to meet specific industry standards. Therefore, a solid grasp of the required filling volume and industry requirements is critical to your overall production success.

Different metering and filling systems

There are many different types of metering and liquid filling systems. The type of metering system you choose (eg, piston, creep, flow rate, etc.) will depend on several different variables: product viscosity, fill volume, accuracy requirements, and fill rate, to name a few. The allowable conversion time from one recipe to the next may also affect your choice of the metering system.

To learn more about which type of liquid filling system best meets your needs, please email sales@Ltete.com or call +86 18660164063.

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