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Five advantages of the chili sauce filling machine

Sep. 26, 2019

The filling line is a sign of the development of the company, and of course it can be said to be the image of the company. Because the filling line is a fully automated sign, it marks that the company has entered a fully automated production team, which increases production requirements and reduces manpower for the user's products. The changes in the market are constantly changing. They are changed according to people's needs. It is also a development state in which enterprises must follow their changes. The development of the filling market has brought more and more convenience to people's lives. Do not relax your vigilance. The direction of market development in the process of change in the times is also non-directional. Now our filling machine market is extremely complicated, there are many brands, the quality difference is also relatively large, and the variety of kinds is even more needless to say. It is very obvious that the quantity is huge, just like the population of our country. Such market conditions can be imagined, and the congestion situation is also more serious, which increases the competitiveness of the filling machinery. For the bean curd sauce machine equipment, it highlights the importance. Why is the chili sauce filling machine equipment so important to the company? Filling machine manufacturer China introduces you to the unique advantages of this machine!


1. Quick cleaning, easy adjustment, stepless speed regulation of volume cylinder action, suitable for filling of different specifications and different materials. Once the filling amount is adjusted once, each volume cylinder can be adjusted slightly, and the filling accuracy is high and the consistency is good. The material in contact with the material is 316 stainless steel, silicone rubber, in line with QS specifications.

2, imported geared motor stepless speed control filling plunger cylinder, not only suitable for all kinds of paste, but also suitable for sauces.

3. The imported electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake cooperate with each other to eliminate inertia and high filling accuracy.

4, man-machine interface and PLC communication, debugging equipment or replacement varieties only need to be set on the screen. Into the bottle, positioning, filling and filling, and the bottle is automatically operated.

5. When the bottle is not in place during filling, the bottle will be blocked when the live pipe is not inserted into the bottle. The device will automatically protect and continue to work after being removed.

I have seen the above advantages. The quality of Dongtai chili sauce filling machine is quite good. Our company, as a sauce filling machine manufacturer, has been combining actual production for more than ten years since its establishment. Constantly engaged in the study and research of advanced technology, so many of the filling machines we have designed and produced have their own unique characteristics, and they are made from the materials, technical and design of the bean paste hot sauce filling machine. It is quite elegant, so that the filling machines that produce them can make people look comfortable and use them with confidence. After the corresponding research, the equipment of our chili sauce filling machine in the filling machine market can be said to be in the forefront of the industry. Many consumers are optimistic about the Dongtai brand when they buy, not only because Dongtai filling The effect of the machine brand, more importantly, is the true feelings and feedbacks of many customers during the process. There is also the ingenious design of our hot sauce filling machine and the careful consideration of the customers we use, so Dongtai can occupy a very important position in the filling machine market.

Five advantages of the chili sauce filling machine

Chili Sauce Filling Machine