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Dongtai Machinery Sauce Filling Machine Helps Enterprise Transformation

Mar. 17, 2021

There are many products in today's life. The types of sauce products appear in people's vision in different ways or forms, and similar products use different packaging materials and specifications due to different user needs. Many factories now adopt automatic production, and there are some entanglements when buying sauce filling machines. Know how to choose a company. The sauce filling machine developed by Jinan Dongtai Machinery Co., Ltd. is currently very popular in the market. Not only that, they also play a huge role in the efficient and safe production of enterprises, so as to make the market healthy and long-term development.

Dongtai Machinery Sauce Filling Machine Helps Enterprise Transformation

The sauce filling machine adopts the piston filling principle, which is suitable for chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, shiitake sauce, jam, butter hot pot base, red oil hot pot base, shrimp with particles in the condiment and high concentration. Filling of thicker sauces such as sauces.

Equipment features: filling part:

 1. The filling valve of the sauce filling machine can be customized and enlarged according to the customer's materials to meet the filling needs of different customers' materials.

 2. Equipped with horizontal mixing hopper, double helix forward and reverse mixing, mixing time can be set freely, ensuring uniform material and oil-free sauce separation during the filling process, ensuring the filling degree of each bottle.

 3. The design of this equipment greatly shortens the filling distance from the lower hopper to the filling head, and overcomes the high oil content of materials (such as chili oil containing sesame seeds) during the filling process. Some bottles have the disadvantage of large filling errors.

Dongtai Machinery Sauce Filling Machine Helps Enterprise Transformation

  The current sauce filling machine can realize the high-yield production of food sauce companies, thereby helping production companies achieve their production goals and promoting them to have a better stable pace in the market. And continue to move forward, so choose a professional Jinan Dongtai Machinery Company not only has this reliable, safe, and easy-to-operate sauce filling machine, but also can solve various product packaging solutions for customers, and can bring good sales to products. And bring more economic benefits to the development of the enterprise. If you need it, welcome customers who are interested in this sauce filling machine of our Dongtai company to visit our company for on-site investigation and negotiation.