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Common Problems and Solutions of Paste Filling Machine

May. 18, 2020


The paste filling machine is braked by compressed air. The automatic filling system is composed of precision pneumatic components. It is convenient to adjust, has sensitive and reliable action, and has a simple structure. It is suitable for various viscous fluids, Liquid and working in a flammable and explosive environment can also use paste filling. The most suitable industries for filling equipment are the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry, cosmetic skincare industry, and another paste filling.

The paste filling machine is currently the most advanced paste filling machine on the market. The machine has reasonable structure, reliable performance, and accurate quantitative. The power part adopts a pneumatic structure. The shell and the part in contact with the filling are made of high-quality stainless steel. Therefore, it has anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance and can adjust the filling volume and filling speed within a certain range according to user needs.

Paste filling machine installation and commissioning:

1. First, carefully check whether the electric appliance and the connection cable are loose. Whether the equipment is damaged during a collision or other screws are loose and fall off.

2. Turn on the 220v power supply respectively, and adjust the pressure to 0.2-0.6Mpa according to the ventilation path (this machine has been adjusted before leaving the factory).

3. Adjust the height of the filling nozzle according to the height of the bottle. Generally, the mouth of the bottle dives into the filling nozzle 5-10 mm. Adjust the filling volume according to the required filling volume. You can change the filling volume by adjusting the time on the time relay, calibrate by measuring cup or electronic scale, and then fine-tune its accuracy until it meets your requirements, the maximum error is not greater than ± 0.5% (according to the design maximum capacity). The filling flow rate can be adjusted according to the liquid of different viscosity and the size of the bottle type. If the viscosity is high, the liquid that is easy to foam should be reduced. The flow rate can be reduced by adjusting the manual adjustment valve on the water tank.

4. Turn on the power switch and press the filling switch, the machine will automatically fill-stop-refill and other work procedures.

Paste Filling Machine

Paste Filling Machine

Paste filling machine supplier introduces to you: common trouble removal

1. Not working: The power supply is not connected or there is no air pressure. Check the power supply and air source.

2. The capacity error of the filling machine is large:

(1) If there is air in the lower liquid pipe, press the footswitch to exhaust.

⑵ The liquid inlet pipe is not tightly sealed and there is air leakage, and the connection pipe is clamped.

(3) The bottle mouth touches the filling mouth, the liquid in the filling mouth flows into the bottle along the bottle mouth, and the filling mouth and the bottle shape need only be separated a little distance (affecting the filling of small bottle shape).

⑷ Operation or filling speed is too fast, slow down appropriately.

⑸ The liquid level of the material liquid tank is low, the liquid level should be 1.5-2 meters (high-pressure high liquid level filling should be set separately)