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Brief Introduction of Automatic Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Nov. 04, 2019

Brief introduction of automatic chili sauce filling machine:

The automatic filling machine for chili sauce is a filling machine specially designed for all kinds of sauces with advanced technology, perfect performance and complete supporting equipment. The machine adopts the most advanced aseptic filling technology at present, which can ensure the quality and safety of the finished products, and is a filling machine very suitable for the production of modern enterprises. It is mainly used for filling various seasoning sauces, such as sweet sauce, chili sauce, flavored Douchi, shiitake sauce, tomato sauce, fruit, soy sauce and other agricultural and sideline products containing water and oil.

Performance features:

1. Program control, touch screen operation, extremely simple;

2. Made of high-quality stainless steel material, waterproof and antiseptic, to ensure the safety of sauce food and the use of sauce filling machine;

3. This full-automatic chili sauce filling machine adopts modular color totalization, and its structure and function or diversification meet different requirements of users;

4. The parameters of the full-automatic filling machine for chili sauce can be adjusted freely, and it has a wide range of applications, and its operation is easy to learn and understand.

Equipment advantages:

1. The full-automatic chili sauce filling machine can effectively improve the output, reduce the use of labor and reduce the cost input.

2. Aseptic operation is adopted in the filling process of the automatic chili sauce filling machine, which effectively ensures the food safety of the sauce.

3. The operation procedure of the full-automatic chili sauce filling machine is very simple, and the operators can work after simple training.

4. This full-automatic chili sauce filling machine can also be combined with other supporting equipment to form a sauce filling production line, effectively ensuring the automatic filling of sauce.