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Advantages of Automatic Capping Machine

May. 19, 2020

While developing rapidly, people's material life has also been greatly improved. This has led to a huge increase in the demand for capping machines in the Chinese market. In such a severe situation, Dongtai has invested tremendous energy in the development of the capping machine, the purpose is to develop a capping machine that can meet market requirements. Today, Jinan Dongtai's large vacuum capping machine equipment has reached the level of equipment, coupled with the high quality of the products and well-equipped services, so that its products can not only meet the requirements of the market, even exported to overseas, in It also has a place in the market. Once became a large-scale vacuum capping machine equipment.

If there is no automatic twist off capping machine, there will not be a variety of delicious drinks for us to taste; If there is no large vacuum capping machine equipment, then there will not be so many cosmetics for those girls in the flower season; If there is no large vacuum capping machine equipment, then our life will be as colorful as it is now.

Automatic Twist Off Capping Machine

Automatic Twist Off Capping Machine

At present, the commodity economy is developing rapidly. The Fenghua Zhengmao Jinan Dongtai large vacuum capping machine equipment not only improves our quality of life but also promotes the development of the entire social economy. Fast-paced life also requires large vacuum capping machine equipment Come escort. So why is Dongtai's large vacuum capping machine so hot? Please follow the footsteps of automatic filling capping machine supplier and find out:

1. The large vacuum capping machine is equipped with a PLC color display, which shows the working status of the device in real-time, and the analog output data is convenient for statistical work.

2. The equipment configuration is flexible, and it can be equipped with an automatic cover hanging machine. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and has a beautiful appearance.

3. The equipment adopts the lower pressure vacuum screw cap instead of the traditional top screw cap to overcome the traditional broken bottle and the bottle cap injury.

4. No vacuum without a bottle, no screw cap when the vacuum pressure does not reach 0.06MPA, truly no oxygen in the bottle, aseptic reproduction, to ensure the shelf life of the material.

All mechanical equipment needs maintenance to maintain long-term use, and the automatic vacuum capping machine also needs to be properly maintained and regulated in actual operating habits before it can extend its use time and maintain its excellent performance. So, how can we maintain and maintain the vacuum capping machine correctly?

First, in order for the fully automatic vacuum capping machine to fully play its role in the application, people need to use it correctly. It is necessary to know that if the wrong method of use cannot be used, it will also affect the final equipment. Performance. Therefore, the guarantee that the vacuum capping machine can be used by manufacturers is whether it is used correctly, which is also an important part of maintenance.

Second, daily maintenance: When using the fully automatic vacuum capping machine, it is necessary to perform simple maintenance on the parts that need to be lubricated, so that the equipment can fully function in the application. Therefore, maintenance work is indispensable when people use vacuum capping machines.

Third, simple inspection: In order to ensure that the automatic vacuum capping machine can play a greater role in the application and reduce the occurrence of failures, simple inspection work in daily routine is still very necessary. Therefore, inspection work is also a very important key issue to prolong the service life of the vacuum capping machine.