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[Liquid Filling Machine] Huge Development Market

Dec. 28, 2019

Liquid filling packing machine manufacturer to share with you: Filling machines are mainly a small category of products in the packaging machine, from the perspective of packaging materials can be divided into liquid filling machines, paste filling Machine, powder filling machine, granule filling machine; from the degree of production automation, it is divided into semi-automatic filling machine and full-automatic filling production line. Filling classification is mainly divided into three categories according to the packaging category: bags, hoses and bottles The selection of the filling machine is closely related to the packaging.

With the rapid development of the wine industry, the output of alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, rice wine, and white wine has continued to increase. The total output of beverage wine (excluding sherbet and fermented alcohol) has reached 28.87 million liters, an increase of 8.2% year-on-year. A related person pointed out that China's beverage industry is a growing industry, with mature beverages growing steadily, hotspots and growth points emerging, and the growth of Xing beverages is faster. At the same time, packaging machinery has developed into an industry with significant influence and large market share in the world's liquid food industry. Therefore, the liquid filling machine china has great potential for development in the Chinese market.

The development of the market is very important to the use of filling machines. Due to the continuous increase of consumer demand, there have been higher requirements for the development of filling machines. For the production enterprise, the user's demand is the development trend of the enterprise. , Thinking of user needs to set off to create a high brand in the international market.

The needs of filling machines are not only to meet the market but also to meet the needs of people. In fact, then again, the needs of users are the needs of the market, and their needs determine the course of development of the filling machine industry. With the seasonal changes in the market, the demand for filling machines is now better reflected in the use of the beverage industry. The current filling machines use stainless steel body materials and high-tech supporting facilities. Developed into a liquid filling production line, the production efficiency has been greatly improved.

Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid Filling Machine

In order to meet the rapid development of the packaging industry and participate in international competition, the liquid filling machine must break the "small and scattered" industry situation and move forward in the "fine" direction. The industry believes that in the future, liquid filling machines will cooperate with the industrial automation trend and develop liquids in several directions in technical development, such as diversified mechanical functions, standardized structural design, modularization, intelligent control and structural precision. Therefore, the development of filling machines provides necessary guarantees for food, modern processing and mass production.

Thus, once again, the development market potential of liquid filling machines is huge.