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  • Negative Pressure Perfume Vacuum Filling Machine

  • Negative Pressure Perfume Vacuum Filling Machine

  • Negative Pressure Perfume Vacuum Filling Machine

  • Negative Pressure Perfume Vacuum Filling Machine

  • Negative Pressure Perfume Vacuum Filling Machine

Negative Pressure Perfume Vacuum Filling Machine

Scope of use:

The four perfume vacuum filling machine is suitable for toilet water, perfume, skin care water, toner, jelly water, fruit juice beverage, carbonated beverage, alcoholic beverage, mineral water, purified water, hair care products, skin care products, cosmetics, cleaning, washing products, oral liquid and potion.



Product Application

Perfume filling machine is built on the basis of reference to similar products abroad, and has been newly designed and added some additional functions. It makes the product more simple and convenient in operation, accuracy error, loading adjustment, equipment cleaning and maintenance. The pneumatic filling machine designed on this basis uses pneumatic components to replace the electrical control circuit, so it is especially suitable for the environment with explosion-proof requirements.

negative pressure Perfume vacuum filling machine/four nozzle vacuum filling machine/cosmetic liquid filling machine for Perfume

negative pressure Perfume vacuum filling machine

Main Technical Parameters:


Modelxsg-4Production capacity10-40 per minute
Working stylefootstepsBucket volume30L
Filling range5-5000mlShape size650 *470 *1330mm
Filling accuracy+1.5%Net weight80KG

working principle

The four perfumes vacuum filling machine works by opening the hand valve and connecting with the gas source, placing the filling bottle under the filling head, making use of the elasticity of the bottle shelf, making the bottle upright and sealing the filling head. When the cam opens the mechanical valve and closes the vacuum bottle valve and opens the suction valve, the vacuum generator generates vacuum (negative pressure), forming a vacuum environment system (vacuum). Bottle - filling head - filling bottle - filling head silica gel tube), vacuum suction makes material into the bottle. When the inner material of the bottle rises to the height of the outer sleeve of the filling head, because the vacuum suction passes through the outer sleeve, the inner material of the bottle is sucked into the vacuum bottle so that the inner material of the bottle remains at a certain height until the filling bottle is removed. The mechanical valve closes, the vacuum generator stops producing vacuum, the suction tube closes, the vacuum bottle valve opens, and the material in the vacuum bottle is flowed into the barrel due to gravity action to complete a filling cycle.

 A. The work principle of this machine(discharge material by itself type)is: switch on the handle valve to connect the air source. Put the filling container right under the filling head, make use of the spring force of the baffle to make filling container upright and seal with filling head. At this time cam open mechanical valve, make the valve of vacuum bottle closed and the suction valve open, make the vacuum generator generate vacuum(negative pressure)

B. vacuum system formed(vacuum bottle-filling head-filling container-silica gel tube of filling head).vacuum suction drive the materials filling into the container. the height of filling the materials in the container rise to the height of the external wrapped tube of the filling head. As the vacuum suction get through the external wrapped tube and suck up materials in the container into vacuum bottle and keep materials in the container a certain height all the time until the filling container removed. the vacuum generator stopped occurring vacuum as mechanical valve closed. suction tube closed. valve of the vacuum bottle opened, materials reflow into the barrel due to gravity, and one time cycle filling finished.

A.This machine adopt fully pneumatic control so it is very suitable for the filling of high foam materials and different capacity of containers.
B. The design concept of this machine which developed by our company is: through increase pressure on the filling head, vacuum generator achieve a partial sealing environment in the reflow liquid bottle and filling container. Thus generate a partial vacuum(negative pressure).through vacuum suction to achieve filling process.
C. This machine is an ideal type machine which can reach the ideal filling speed and effect after practical commissioning the machine as according to size of the filling container.
1.Negative pressure suction fluid filling,product filling capacity based on liquid level height;
2.Equipped with wheel,convenient to move.
3.Suitable for glass bottle,or plastic bottles that is not easy to be out of shape after vacuumizing.
4.Convenient adjustment,operation and maintenance.