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  • Magnetic Pump Liquid Filling Machine

Magnetic Pump Liquid Filling Machine



Our magnetic pump liquid filling machine adopts world brand frequency converter, equipped with imported high-accuracy multi-turn potentiometer and lockable dial, which makes the flow regulation stable and accurate, the error negative deviation is less than 0.5%, and the positive deviation is less than 1.5%.

Japan imported magnetic gear stainless steel pump, reliable quality and long life.

Stainless steel case which is Durable.

Small size and easy to operate.

Easy to clean and disinfect.

Full-featured. Two model automatic and manual. Can be used with the assembly line.

Can be equipped with multiple filling heads, commonly used models are: single pump, double pump and four pump.

The filling volume of SF-II can be adjusted from 1ml to 10000ml; SF-I is adjustable from 10ml to 800000ml, and the adjustment is convenient and easy.

Main Technical Parameters:


We have strict material selection, strict production process, and try our best to make the best of the details.

01.Magnetic pump - pump head

Imported 316L stainless steel pump head, fast speed, high accuracy, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, in line with pharmaceutical grade requirements;

02.All stainless steel body

The body is made of stainless steel clean and easy to clean

03.Microcomputer control panel

Imported control 4-bit cursor control board.precise control. Intuitive and simple operation,small error.

04.Medical grade silicone tube

It adopts medical grade silicone tube which is more suitable for food grade requirements corrosion resistant.glass ball valve with feeding port and can be filtered to prevent backflow.