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  • Lubricating Oil Filling Machine

  • Lubricating Oil Filling Machine

  • Lubricating Oil Filling Machine

  • Lubricating Oil Filling Machine

Lubricating Oil Filling Machine

The special filling head design and vacuum suction system of the automatic lubricating oil filling machine ensure that there is no residual oil dripping during the filling process, fast and slow double-speed filling, and the filling speed is adjustable to prevent the overflow bottle phenomenon.



Lubricating Oil Filling Machine

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Lubricating Oil Filling Machine

According to the pipe diameter flow rate, increasing the filling speed by 20%-30%.

Lubricating Oil Filling Machine

White for vacuum tube ,black for air pipe

The difference between the color of the air pipe and vacuum tubeis convenient for maintenance and replacement.

Lubricating Oil Filling Machine

Suitable for 1L, 4L lubricating oil filling.

Lubricating Oil Filling Machine

Lubricating oil filling machine parameters:

Lubricating Oil Filling Machine

Main Technical Parameters:


Four advantages of the product:

Filling speed: Number of filling heads according to productivity.

6    2000-2200 b/h   500ml

10  3000-3200b/h    500ml

16  4200-4500b/h    500ml

Adding filling heads could increase filling capacity. The model of filling heads is 6, 8, 10, and 12, which can be extended to 16 heads with a maximum capacity of 4500 bottles/hours.

Filling accuracy: 500-1000Ml within 0.5% more than 1000ml less than 0.05% Filling 500ml, accuracy about 2ML, filling 5000ml. Accuracy about 5ml.

Adjustment, replacement and adjustment of different specifications of products.Just adjust the width of the guardrail and the distance between the filling heads according to the bottle type,and set the filling amount in the touch screen. Very convenient.

Filling volume range: Filling volume range 500ml-10l, The measuring range of filling is very large, from 500ml can be adjusted to 10 litres.



Q1. What can this machine do?         

A1: This is an oil filler. It can fill 1 liter, 2 liter, 4 liter, 5 liter and 10 liter into the bottle.   It can be filled with lubricating oil, motor oil.  

Q2. Is this machine used alone or can it be used with other sealing machines? 

A2: Either way. If you use it with the sealing machine, you need to link a conveyor device before the two devices. Don't worry about that, we will do a good job of linking.       


 Q3. Is the operation of the machine complicated? How to adjust and use the equipment?           

 A3: Machine is one-button adjustment and operation. Touch screen man-machine interface, parameters can be stored and invoked. In addition, we arrange for engineers to come to your factory for professional training.   


Q4. What are the company qualification certificates and equipment quality assurance?        

 A4: We have 15 years of export experience. Please contact us for relevant certificates. Thank you.