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  • Automatic olive oil glass bottle filling machine

  • Automatic olive oil glass bottle filling machine

  • Automatic olive oil glass bottle filling machine

Automatic olive oil glass bottle filling machine

The liquid filling and capping machine is widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, oil and other industries, and can fill different high viscosity fluids. The machine design is compact and reasonable, the appearance is simple and beautiful, and the filling volume is easy to adjust. This equipment improves the design on the basis of a series of products, such as filling, capping, hanging, and locking, and adds some additional functions. Make the product more simple and convenient in operation, such as accuracy error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and so on.



1.The parts which contact liquid are SUS316L stainless steel and others are SUS304 stainless steel
2.Including feeder turntable,effective cost/space saving
3.It has intuitive and convenient operation, measuring accurate, positioning precision
4.Fully in accordance with the GMP standard production and passed CE certification
5. Optional Siemens Touch screen/PLC
6.No bottle no filling/plugging/capping

1.automatic bottle feeding

2.automatic filling 

3.automatic sort the inner plug

4.automatic hit the inner plug

5.automatic hanging cover part

6.Automatic three-knife capping

7.circuit control part

8.seperate bottle part

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Main Technical Parameters:


olive oil bottle filling machine

filling head
productive capacity
10-50pcs/min 4filling nozzles
50-60pcs/min 6 filling nozzles
60-80pcs/min 8 filling nozzles
80-100pcs/min 10 filling nozzles
100-120pcs/min 12 filling nozzles
filling accuracy
capping head
locking head
handing rate
≥98%(It has a certain relationship with the quality of the cover)
speed control
Frequency control of motor speed
net weight



Q: How long will take for the delivery of product?

A: 7 days for standard model, if machine in stock, will delivery immediately, customized model depend on customer requirements,
usually about 30 days.

Q: What’s the insurance of after-sale service after purche?
A: All our products, will be totally tested by QC department before delivery, with strict quality control process. The product is
cost-effective during use, stable and reliable.
One year warranty service for all machine, plee feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Q: When the machine arrives at the work site, is it ey to install? How to solve the problem of quick installation and use?
A: All machine model with installation video, to show the installation process more intuitively, and we will provide remote video
technical support to solve your doubts and ensure that your installation is correct.

Q: During the use of the machine, how to get after-sale service?
A: We have professional foreign installation and commissioning engineers, which have many years of experience in foreign debugging
with deeply recognized by customers. We will provide on-site installation and commissioning services for foreign customers, and we
will guide your workers directly.

Q: Will the accessories change frequently with machine ?
A: The service life of the accessories is related to the daily maintenance. When ordering, we will give you free wearing parts and
provide you with daily maintenance strategies.