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  • Edible Oil Filling Machine

  • Edible Oil Filling Machine

  • Edible Oil Filling Machine

  • Edible Oil Filling Machine

Edible Oil Filling Machine

Shandong Dongtai Machinery is a leading manufacturer/supplier/exporter of edible oil filling machine. Our edible oil filling machinery is designed to meet the changing needs of the edible oil industry.



What are Edible Oil Filling Machines?

Edible oil filling machine is suitable for liquid weighting and filling from 0.5 liters to 20 liters. It is an ideal packaging machine for food, medicine, cosmetics and fine chemical industry, especially used for quantitative filling for water, edible oil and lubricating oil. This machine adopts programmable controller (PLC), high-speed industrial control configuration software for real-time monitoring control, easy to use and adjust. It also can automatically complete a series of operations such as counting into the bottle, filling by weight, conveying out of the bottle. The whole machine is made according to GMP standard. The connection of each pipe is made by quick assembly, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning. The parts which contact with materials and exposed parts are made of high-quality stainless steel. Complete machine safety, beauty and environmental protection.

Product Parameters of Automatic Edible Oil Filling Machine

Filling head6
Filling volume5-30kg
Capacity500-1600 barrels /H (5KG);400-560 barrels /H (30KG)
Filling auuracy±0.1%
Voltage220V, 50Hz
Air source1. 0.55-0.65MPa
Bottle typeCustomized
Diameter of bung holeCustomized

Main Technical Parameters:


Advantages of Edible Oil Filling Machinery:

1. Automatic Edible Oil Filling Line Appearance Upgraded

Use tempered glass forwards and backwards; simple appearance, more sense of technology

Edible Oil Filling Machine

2. Automatic Edible Oil Filling Machinery Structure Upgraded

1. Single head, single pump, single structure, centrifugal pump feeding structure with high precision, fast speed (fast feeding), and multi-stage speed filling. Increase 20%  filling speed on the premise of ensuring the filling accuracy, increase the filling speed by 20%. The buffer tank is installed in the equipment to avoid the large filling error caused by uneven pipeline pressure.

2. The chain conveyor is suitable for various bottle filling.

The transmission chain adopts Teflon roller, less friction and more stability, which can extends the service life of the equipment.

Add clamping device for bottle mouth: more convenient for small container filling, and the positioning of filling head and bottle mouth is more accurate;

Adopts O-type baffle to shield the disadvantages of the tension wheel (fish-eye is used to adjust the tightness of sprocket wheel).

The conveyance adopts Teflon roller type, the container conveyance is more stable, can turn forward and backward conveyance;

Edible Oil Filling Machine

3. Using listing motor to adjust the height of the filling head. Adjust the height of the touch screen with one button.  The lifting structure and the motor are connected directly through the coupling with 90 degrees, which reduces friction, reduces power and saves electricity.

4. Filling head adopts Angle seat valve type, filling inner plug is made of teflon sealing ring to prevent corrosion of special materials ;

Submersible filling method, anti-foaming, suitable for the filling of foaming liquid.

Edible Oil Filling Machine

5. Adopt a variety of weighing modules and weighing sensor measurement method, the error is small as 0.3%

3. Edible Oil Filling Line System Upgraded

1. The filling head is opened before the power source, so that the impact force is small and the splash can be avoided;

2. Automatic detect barrel weight, if the tare weight of the barrel is higher or lower than the parameters built-in, it will be regarded as no barrel.

No filling without barrels and automatic identification stop and start. If the number of barrels is not enough or there are no barrels in the middle, the machine will automatically identify, not filling on the position without barrels.

3. The system has a memory function, the filling part can be turned on again after a pause to continue the previous work, continuous counting;

4. There are no barrels feeding time except the first group. The capacity is 1350 barrels per hour, the filling time of each group is 16 seconds. (Filling machine with 6 filling heads, frequency changer at 25 Hz)

5. The filling weight can be constantly monitored on the touch screen;

The whole filling process can be tracked and recorded.

The filling weight of the former group can be viewed.

We can provide a variety of oil packaging machines, such as peanut oil filling machine, soybean oil filling machine, vegetable oil Filling Machine and olive oil filling machine.



Q1. Is this machine a special filling machine? Can you fill other liquids besides oil?

A1: This machine is an edible oil filling machine. Other liquids are not suitable for this machine. You can check the other liquids filling machines we provide to solve your problem.

Q2. How about the performance of the machine? What are the differences and advantages of similar products from other companies?

A2: Special oil filler, the design and manufacture of equipment is specially for filling edible oil. It's not a general filling machine. Other filling machines can fill water, drinks and oils. We can't. So the machine is better and more effective in filling oil.

Q3. How to provide after-sales service of products and installation of machines

A3: We have 10 years of export experience and relevant after-sales service terms. We will send excellent engineers to install and guide equipment installation on site. You can contact us. We would like to provide more information. Thank you.