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Semi-automatic peanut oil filling machine

Semi-automatic edible oil filling machine Scope of application: Suitable for a variety of greases of different viscosity, compatible with bottle type, barrel type filling, can be used for peanut oil, edible oil, soybean oil, olive oil, lubricating oil, engine oil, etc. Filling.



Semi Automatic Filling Machine Main Feature

The two heads of the semi-automatic edible oil filling machine are controlled by two pumps, the filling volume is more precise and the speed is also greatly improved. Single-frequency inverter speed regulation overcomes the phenomenon of uneven distribution. It has extremely high stability. When a pipe in a station is blocked, it will not affect other stations, resulting in changes in filling accuracy.

Semi-automatic Oil Filling Machine

The oil filling machine is suitable for quantitative filling requirements of various oils and viscous liquids, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, salad oil, sesame oil, sesame oil, petrochemical lubricating oil etc.

Semi-automatic Oil Filling Machine

Main Technical Parameters:


Semi Automatic Filling Machine Main Technical Parameters

1、PLC touch screen control panel

And can store more than 20 sets of recipe parameters. The parameters can be preset and stored,

one-button adjustment. Putting on the top of the machine, at an angle of 303. the observation is clearer.

2、High Anti-drip filling head

Semi-automatic Oil Filling Machine

Certified by the State Intellectual Property Office .design with the vacuum sucking filling head and the imported Airtac cylinder to adopt the split type mechanism, which can be disassembled separately without liquid leakage. Damage to the cylinder Does not contaminate the conveyor chain and bottle.

3、Precision filling

■ 1-20L large capacity filling range

■ Controlled by encoder with high precision

■ One flow meter controls one filling head, independent control

■ Each pump head is independently controlled, the pressure is constant, the flow rate is more stable, and the single head can directly modify the error to ensure the filling accuracy of 1‰.

4、Stainless steel centrifugal pump

Semi-automatic edible oil filling machine centrifugal pump flow 6m3/h,lift:13 meters, speed:2900r/min.

5、Food grade stainless steel hose

■  Made in Japan, high quality pipe

■  High flexibility, connection flowmeter and filling nozzle

■  Japanese certification and domestic safety certification

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